My hope for this section is to help share some skills and know-how with others as well as let anyone interested in proposing commissions understand the length and care that goes in to the creative process.


I consider each and every request I get as a freelance worker, I have to earn money somehow! But the projects that I feel work best both for the client and myself are those where we can work together to clearly establish the purpose and goals of the project. 

Questions and Answers

I like to get some immediate answers as to what the client wants to achieve from their proposals to me and what I can offer them to help fulfil their goals and ideas. It's pivotal to me that I achieve these goals with my work so it's hugely important to make sure we clearly identify whats required. I don't take up much of clients time but I do like to be fairly thorough, so no confusion happens later on down the line.


I keep the goals and intentions of the project we've agreed on in plain sight and in mind throughout the whole process. The whole project is centered around what the client wants, its my job to leave them in the knowledge I'm achieving what we have agreed.

Pricing/ Agreement

After the first few brief steps, I tend  to find is the best time to talk money. It's hard for me to give a price without understanding the nature of the project as my pricing is based on the time I spend helping the client achieve what they want from the project. I charge an hourly rate for which I provide a clear estimated breakdown of hours and how they'll be spent, I also take a deposit at this stage.

Creative Process


Once an agreement for the project has been made, the creative process can begin! I firstly research thoroughly the nature of the project, be it stylistically or practically. The Design must appeal to the target audience as well as perform it's purpose effectively. This is my job to find the balance. 


Once I've gained some basic ideas from my research I can create some rough designs and ideas ready for developing. I like to communicate with the client at this stage too, establishing if we're headed in the right direction.


Once the rough sketches have been refined to a smaller group of designs I can start to develop them into more finished work. I tend to create a small number of different designs then communicate with the client, as to which one we feel is best, the resulting design is then moved forward to the next stage.

Final Design

I then refine the developed chosen design further into the finished high-quality design. I then review the design with the client, if there's any further adjustments they'd like me to make.

Delivering the Final Design

Once the project is complete I will send over a final case study to the client which includes the breakdown of my creative process and discusses how the final design accomplishes the goals we established together.

I'll ask for the final invoice at this stage and once it's been paid, I deliver the finished design to the happy client.