Landscape Perspective


We vistited the local town for a drawing perspective excericise, this time focusing on architectual work. I created some rough sketches where I have tried to create some studies of the local scenery trying to incorporate some more challenging and difficult viewpoints, I used a vanishing point technique to try and capture the feeling of distance as well as spherical perspective for the more challenging curved areas. 
I used two sketchpads over the excercise, I initially used standard HB pencil on white catridge then I switched to y brown pad and used white conte pencils and charcoal pencils to try and gatehr more tone as I felt it was extremely lacking in my other sketches
When it came to scanning in these rough sketches I decided I could quickly add some colour to the less tonal sketches to bring them out more and add more dimension. So I quickly described the basic tones in photoshop using the paintbrush with some research on the colours of the areas using an internet image search, however the colours themselves are obviously rough. I quite like this 'reportage' type style and I found it quite effective.