Human Perspective

After reintroducing myself back in to basic human form drawing, I progressed in to drawing more challenging figures through different perspectives. To do so, I used a variety of online sources and advice from tutors to gain an understanding of how to do so, effectively. The main technique I used was through using a perspective lines and a vanishing point technique similarly to what people often use to draw buildings in perspective etc.
The first attempts of mine at representing human perspective was some very rough and quick sketches NOT using the perspective line technique and as a result i feel they are very low quality. They are very simple line drawings and include no depth or tone however, which i think, without such, it is hard to show certain elements of perspective through lack of depth in the image. I included these images to show how my understanding progressed...
I decided to purchase myself a brown paper pad and some charcoal and conte pencils. Which I've thoroughly enjoyed using and I think were a very effective and fun way to create fast studies that show tone well. As such I think the quality of my perspective work improved drastically in comparison to my basic pencil on white paper drawings. Although still very fast and basic, the depth the black and white creates i believe aids the quality of the work greatly and for quick studies I am very content.
Regrettably, The construction lines of the form and also the perspective lines are not overly clear in these drawings although they were very much present in their creation, which i think improved the accuracy greatly. I used little to no reference material in the pieces so to try and gain a better understanding from memory of the human form and perspective. I either drew from source images and changed elements or simply straight from my head using my fingers to dictate proportions etc. As such i think some areas are a bit out of proportion especially the extra long lower arm of the woman to the lower left, but I think identifying my errors will only improve my future understanding.
I tried to give some of my perspective drawings a small sense of narrative to make them more interesting. I also tried to vary the positions and angles of each drawing. Obviously theres infinite poses and positions to draw but I think I've covered a decent amount of angles with these quick studies.
The 'step' drawing above i found very challenging but i think overall it's relatively successful in showing perspectve and it's definitley dramatic and an angle i would like to refine and use in a narrative. The 'Giant' drawing however didn't turn out quite as planned i don't believe, i think the rough shapes are there but its not as high in accuracy or quality. Although it's definitely an angle i think would be very effective again in a narrative. 
Violence is something I like to use is most of my narratives so I thought it would be very beneficial of me to practice different perspectives of punching. I think these studies are alright in terms of quality although the main focus was on showing the perspective not the actual quaity of the drawing so I think they're successful and were a helpful practice for future more refined work.
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After working to improve my basic understanding through quick sketches I created a piece i felt more reflected my usual finished style. I used constructional proportion and perspective techniques, intitially using a green and red pencil and then using a standard HB graphite pencil to refine the lines and create a more comic style, typical of what i usually favour doing. I then scanned in the image and refined it in photoshop using the pen and brush tool. I think as well as just perspective this piece is an effective example of use of colour and lighting and I'd like to use it within a narrative I have an idea for.
I did this sketch of Ian Brown through boredom one day but I think it does show some elements of perspective and angles so I thought I would include it.
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Drawing babies was something I've very rarley attempted in the past and something which when i have had, hasn't drawn much success. So practicing the skill was defniteley very beneficial but still challenging. 
We were all given handouts with tips on how to draw babies and children so I thought the most logical step to take first was to practice body parts before drawing a whole body. So i started with the limbs, replicating some of the drawings on the handout with slight variations and in a quick style using my conte and charcoal pencils on brown paper (which I used throughout). As with all areas of a baby most of them is made up of puppy fat and so using added folds and eccentuating width was key. I think with these limb drawings I did this successfully and I'm much more confident after this practice.
After getting a basic knowledge of limbs I moved on to drawing a whole body, as well as some quick examples of baby chins, which should be drawn convex - again as they are chubby.
I felt i need more practice with faces, as I felt the previous drawing was more resemblant of a buddha than a baby. so I drew two quick heads, facing different directions to practice my perspective and foreshortening - I'm pretty happy with these, I noticed that baby faces tend to look alot more squashed and close with the head and cheeks still looking quite large and chubby in comparison.
After gaining a reasonable understanding of how to draw babies I tried to apply the techniques in to creating some studies of myself as a baby from some photos. This first one however I dont think turned out very well and was compared by my little brother as looking like a litle old lady and I think he's probably right with that... I found this one very fustrtating to draw as i couldnt work out why it looked that way but on reflection i think its the darkness of the folds and maybe something to do with the eyes but to be honest I'm still unsure. probably one to just write off as gaining experience in drawing.
This final study i did however I was actually very happy with and strangely took me alot less time to create, around 10minutes! I think the knowledge I've gained from creating these studies have defniitey helped me to just know where the folds should lie and how dense/dark the lines should be. I think the materials i used definitely helped these drawings and all my other perspective drawings though the ability to add more depth in  to quick sketches through tone especially the white highlights.